Friday, 7 March 2014

One Line Drawings, or near as damnit

As you'll see above, I've been drawing upside down.
I wanted to relax about proportion and stay away from focusing on the realistic. This method really helped me to concentrate on detail, and brought out a really funky character I hadn't anticipated on meeting.

I used the same approach for the chap on the bike below.

Below :   Back to drawing up-side up...for now...

This is a sketch from my time living in the mountains. 
I wanted to think about just how intrinsic the mountains become to you, your body.

 Above and below, self portraits. wanted to catch the muscle lines, and found myself pulling some strange stretches trying to fix my shower. Had to keep switching arms but I really enjoyed the twists in the pose.

Below: One of a few covertly coloured in post-it-notes on the sly at work.  Having fun sticking them together to make windows. I plan on planting these around the building...