Monday, 5 August 2013

Bespoke, handmade festival goggles!
Kiss your sweet party goodbye to dry eyes! 


Last year, I went to my first paint fight, it was awsome but after a while, 
you cant help it stinging your eyes! 

This year, I didn't want to have to squeeze my eyes shut, when i wanted to soak up every cloud of colour SO I took the time to design and create, goggles, and it was awsome!

I am now taking commissions to design your very own goggles!

I can either send you a surprise awsome design (as awsome as the ones in the pictures) or, if you have a few ideas, let me know and i'll work with them!

Unless your thinking 'BIG' with the ideas you might have for me to create, a bespoke pair of goggles will be:

: £15 
+ postage

 I only use safety registered goggles, to ensure the upmost health of my eyes, 
and I take pride in using long lasting sturdy products, 
which will last the entire fight, and many, many more!

Mine held together all day, even after a colour thrashing! Chuffed, but not surprised. I use the strongest glues I can find to make sure my designs stand the test of the party!

Ultimately, I want my designs to last. 

As I hope you'll agree, we felt lush in our goggles, and would happily troop our colours in them to all festivals raves, and why not FOAM party's?

Get in touch!