Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Final Images for Student Project

Here are the final images for my latest project, taking a look at the student life around Plymouth. During this project my work has evolved from accurate observational drawing, to a looser series of one line drawings. I feel this achieves a greater sense of movement, and messy-ness aassociated with students.
The images produced were later put into the context of a 'Decide Your Own Fate' book, gently advising students on safety when they arrive at University.
I also explored the concept of seagulls becoming a metaphor for students, as some say they aquire the parasitic nature of the bird, around cities, are they unpopular?  How do they behave within a society? Are they icons of the city/seaside landscape?


In the club...

Flatmates revenge, eating your cereal.

Seagulls, a metaphor for students.

Waking up under local landmaks.

High as the ceiling.

Barbican run in with the law.

To bed.


Time for tea.

My personal favourite.
Ready for the run.